What is Water Baptism?

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Being baptized through water is not an act that should get us to heaven. It shows that we have faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and thus offering an assurance of going to heaven. Baptism which is an immersion according to the Bible is an act of obedience of accepting the grace offered by Jesus Christ. Without proper understanding of water baptism symbolizes to Christians, it’s hard to convince one to be baptized by water.

What is Symbolized thought Water Baptism?

Being baptized through water symbolizes three things which mainly happen to believers when they are baptized.

The believers die with Christ to their old self. Before one is baptized through water, he or she believes to be a sinner who needs to be cleansed. When one is being immersed in water, it symbolizes that the believer has died by mainly letting his or her sins be washed away. It’s a symbol that makes a believer know that his or her old self has died with Christ and that he or she’s saved.baptism of christ

Through water baptism, there comes a symbol of rising with Christ and becoming a totally new creature. After being immersed in water, a believer has the faith that he or she has risen from the dead and that the old self is gone. Through the Christ who died and resurrected, water baptism allows one to have the same belief.

It symbolizes to the believers that they have been incorporated in their new life after baptism with the living community which looks forward to the coming of the Lord. As one is baptized through water, he or she looks forward to coming of the Lord.


Being baptized through water should be a covenant between the believers and God. As Jesus commanded his disciples to be baptized, so should the believers since they too are followers of Christ. Being baptized is a bond between the believer and the Christ.

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