The Grandeur of Milwaukee Church Festivals

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The Grandeur of Milwaukee Church Festivals

South Milwaukee is a city with a large boundary but if there is something about it which constantly reminds us of what community life should be like, it is the festivals. The church festivals in particular. It’s not just a religious atmosphere; it is usually a moment of fun, music and game for every attendee.

milwaukee church festivalsAlso, it’s a patterned network of family festival which aims at entertaining, educating and informing. During a weekend visit especially at summer, you should not miss out of any of it. And don’t think of leaving out
your family, as said earlier, the festival is a network of family.

While we can’t really provide you with an accurate schedule for some of this year’s Milwaukee church festivals, the popularly ones especially for the foods and drinks are listed below with dates speculated based on the 2017 festivals.


St Louis Parish

You want to know what it feels like to witness a catholic church festival in Milwaukee, this church boasts of organized mass and Christian system. The church is accommodating when it comes to children and is evident in the
festivals. The festival has been dated to come up on August 18 and 19 this year. Salivating food and drinks await your appetite.


St Augustine Church

This church’s festival offers a lot of things in respect to food and fun. The event for this year is already full. If you are attending, look out for the concert, diverse cultural events, Friday Fish fry’s religion classes for adult and
others. This festival has commenced on March 1st.


St Rita Parish

This festival has been scheduled to hold by July 20 – 22, 2018. Believe me, you can’t afford to miss this. Annually, the festival committee makes it better than before and this year won’t give less.

You want to feel heaven on earth, the food, drink and music accompaniment are always the great things to write about.


Sacred Heart Croatian Parish

Sacred Heart is bringing the best of festival this year in terms of food, music, games
and drinks. It is coming up on August 5th 2018 on the church ground from 10 am till 7pm. What about food, drink and music? Well, a great fun await you after the church service.


St Robert Catholic Church

St Robert Catholic Church and School

Based on the timing of the festival last year, June 1-3 is being prepared by the festival organizing committee to give the best foods and drinks. The three days are not going to be less of any expectation. On any of the days, just stop by
and have a great fun. Check back on the church’s website for any information regarding date.

At any of these festivals, you will be enjoying varieties of food and drinks like never before.

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