Milwaukee Tourist Attractions

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Milwaukee Tourist Attractions

Milwaukee is a buzzing city with an array of activities that would make any visitor feel right at home. Apart from the receptive locals, the following are Milwaukee tourist attractions to look out for.

Milwaukee County Zoo
milwaukee county zoo

This zoo is among the largest in the US, covering an area of around 200 acres. It offers visitors the opportunity to view a range of unique local and exotic species of the animal kingdom. There are around 2000 animals that call the zoo home’ including gorillas, cheetahs and even polar bears. Visitors can enjoy the insightful educational
program offered as well as the numerous fun events for both kids and adults.

Milwaukee Public Museum

The public museum is home to numerous displays and collections that provide insight into the history of Milwaukee and other forms of natural history. You can find a reconstructed tropical rainforest and life-size dinosaurs on exhibition. Besides, the Streets of the Old Milwaukee being displayed will also be part of the highlights of your visit.

Milwaukee’s Lakefront

Lake Michigan offers a scenic site that any tourist would want to sample. The lakefront is lined with boutiques, restaurants, shopping stores, parks, walking trails that you can spend quality time visiting. Prominent Landmarks can be viewed including the War Memorial Centre which commemorates the victims of the Korean War in World War II.

Milwaukee Art Museum

milwaukee art museumThe Milwaukee Art Museum was founded in 1888 and holds at least 20,000 pieces of art and antiques. The building, which is located at the front of Lake Michigan is in itself an architectural sight to behold; featuring a design that resembles a combination of a sleek ship and an aircraft. Inside the museum, you will come across modern, contemporary and American works of art including drawings, fine prints and photographs. Furthermore, the African and Asian collections also on display will certainly be the perfect pastime for anyone who appreciates art.

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